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Imagine skiing down the snowy mountains in Japan, sipping a nice martini by the beach, riding an ATV across the desert or even proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower. With one adventure ticked off, another one awaits. That sounds like an awesome dream but it does not necessarily need to remain as one!

The truth is, we all have that yearning to travel more and explore the world. This is our human nature, especially when we are young, alive and kicking. The feeling of exploring this immense world is ever so present. Once you get bitten by the travel bug, there is no turning back…you will want to TRAVEL MORE!

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However, I noticed that young working adults find it hard to travel! They have many factors stopping them, 2 of the main ones are:

  • The thought of having not much money and that travelling is expensive and only reserved for the wealthy (main reason)
  • The thought that there are other things which are more important e.g. getting a car, house, eat expensive food, etc…

The thing is that the media and people have always brainwashed us into believing that travelling is expensive via high end advertisements and billboards. This is  because travelling such a big industry and they merely want to get a big cut out of this big pie.

But travelling DOES NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE! I am a strong advocate that travelling can be cheap as well because I am not a rich person, nor do I have rich parents and yet, I have managed to secure a lot of good travel deals, out of which a good number were free. This allowed me to travel to 20+ countries, over the past 5 years.


FREE trip award – An All-expense paid trip from Kuala Lumpur to Dublin

Together with CEO Sir Tony Fernandes

Together with Sir Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group

Some of my travels...out of which 75% I flew for free and 25% were at great bargains

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It was not always like that...but there is always a way!

I was not born with a silver spoon and did not have much money to travel. In fact, during my University days in Malaysia, I would live on 250 USD a month, which would not be enough to save as well. Yet, I always had this yearning to travel ever since I had my first one. But, I never made money be a limiting factor. Like the saying goes, if life throws lemons at you, just make lemonade with it. So, I always tried to find ways on how I could travel for cheap or for no cost at all even. I tried different things and every time, I learnt something new and I got better at spotting opportunities. The watchword you should look out for is ‘Deals’. I spot travel deals, collect loyalty or participating in contests where I have the opportunity to earn big.


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Of course, countless people have asked me how I get to travel so often. Hence, I decided to create this special product. It contains my exact strategies, hacks and tips which I still practise until today! These are my exact secrets that I’ve used to land free flights and cheap deals.

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“I’ve learnt how to travel in an economic way and how to earn points so that I can get free tickets. This is really beneficial for me because I normally travel a lot and I spend money buying air ticket. Now, I can travel in an economic way without spending much or any on the air ticket. Thank you Kelvin”

~ Anny Wang

Penang, Malaysia


“Thank you Kelvin for this ebook. It has helped me and my family, especially because we like to travel. Before I read the ebook, I did not know how to earn points but now I know. I will surely recommend this to my friend”

~ Angeline Dewi

Bali, Indonesia


“I feel that nowadays, travelling is very expensive. But when I came on your website, I stumbled on this ebook and it was very useful. Now, I will try to implement your strategies to get free flights!”

~ Beatrice Hew

Penang, Malaysia

Paul Lim

“The secret tips has taught me how we can get cheaper flights, increasing the chances for me to travel around in various ways and it works! WORTH IT!”

~ Paul Lim

Klang, Malaysia


“This book is an eye-opener with think-out-of-the box ideas that anyone can actually implement to achieve flying dreams! Thanks to the author of this book, vacation is never been easier!”

~ TF Goodman

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“The book gave me a lot of useful tips and ideas on how to save money to get an economic trip. This book is especially suitable for people who loves budget travel and I believe it will bring you to more destinations which you have never dreamt of going. Thanks to the author for sharing all these complete and useful ideas. Strongly recommend it to everyone!”

~ Yanying Zhang

Guizhou, China


“I love to travel and have definitely benefited a lot from this ebook; it’s such a life-saver! Now I know how I can spend less on my travels. Travelling doesn’t have to be so expensive when you know the different tricks. Also, now I know the techniques to have higher chances of winning contests. Indeed, I applied a strategy and I won a flight to India! For FREE! I have also been able to redeem my points at a very low rate for my trip to Hat Yai. Thanks a lot Kelvin!”

~ Emilie Cheung

Rose Hill, Mauritius

Who's the author?

Kelvin Balloo is a Mauritian travel enthusiast, travel videographer, Business Consultant and Options trader currently based in Malaysia.

His knack of spotting great, valuable deals and bargains has allowed him to travel to 20+ countries over the last 5 years. Besides, many of his travels were FREE as he has won over 25+ contests worth 20,000 USD of travel or cash. Moreover, having this constant obsession about airline points has saved him a lot of cash while flying.

He also has a Youtube channel where he constantly uploads travel-related contents. By sharing his videos, tips and strategies, he hopes to inspire more people to travel more and to really experience life to its fullest!

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I know it is hard to digest theories and strategies without any example or practical. To help you align with my thought process and understand more on my approach, I have thrown in 4 powerful case studies, winning me free flights. One case study amazingly even allowed me to have multiple flights. You will get to see how I make the most out of every opportunity.

Given the amount of value packed in, the original investment of this ebook is $ 19.95 but for a limited time ONLY, it will be available for JUST $ 16.95.

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Lastly, this is a $ 16.95 investment which WILL DEFINITELY make you huge savings for your next trip. Don’t think too much, get your discounted ebook now before it’s too late!!

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